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How to find a good Bengali translator?

Translation test/Accreditation
A short translation test is often useful to find a qualified translator. But how can you find an examiner (another translator) who will judge the quality of the translator? If you can find a qualified examiner, you can use them for the translation, you do not have to find another translator. This process is also time consuming and expensive. Alternatively you can use translators who are accredited by professional bodies like NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, Australia). They test translators in their professional settings and provide accreditation to those who pass their rigorous testing process.

I obtained NAATI accreditation for English-Bengali translation on 2001. Unfortunately, ATA does not provide accreditation in the English-Bengali pair. So, it is not possible to get ATA accreditation for English-Bengali translation.

Mother tongue
Bengali is a complex language and the translation done by a native Bengali speaker and non-native speaker could be easily distinguished. Many Indian translators claim that they have more than one mother tongue. The actual fact is that India has 23 official languages (re: and Bengali is the official language in only 2 States - West Bengal and Tripura (out of a total of 28 States). Most Indian people can speak more than one Indian languages and they also translate into two or more Indian languages. However, the BEST quality is obtained when the translator translates into his/her mother tongue. Whether you work with a Bangladeshi or Indian translator it would be BEST to choose a professional translator who translates ONLY and ONLY into his/her mother tongue.

I am a Bangladeshi and my mother tongue is Bengali. For the sake of quality, I translate only into Bengali.

A good way to judge a translator's quality and responsibility is to talk with his/her clients.

To get the contact details of my regular clients, who are some of the world's best translating agencies, please send me an email (click here). With more than 10 years of professional experience, I would be able to give you the contact details of my satisfied clients in your country. You don't have to pay for international calls :-)

Only a few full-time professional translators work in the English>Bengali pair. Most other translators are part time opportunity seekers who are not dedicated and experienced in this field. If you are looking for the best translation, you should look for full-timers.

Translation (and DTP) is my only profession and I am working as a full-time professional translator. Since 2001, I am a NAATI accredited translator.

Membership of Professional Associations
Full-time professional translators usually become members of professional translation associations.

I am an associate member of ATA.

Relevant Experience
Professional experience is a must.

I am working as a translator since 1997. Have worked with NGO's and different agencies of the Govt. of Bangladesh and translated many training materials, brochures, and official and legal documents.

I am a coauthor of the book, “The Business Translator” published by Aspatore in the USA.

I am working on a regular basis for some world-class translating agencies located all over the world especially in the USA, UK and Europe.


Computer skill
Bengali is a difficult language to handle. It contains 50 alphabets and a couple of hundred conjuncts. It is difficult to write Bengali in different word-processing softwares because Bengali does not have any standard coding system and there are many different font families. Each type of font family requires a different software to type. A very good computer skill and knowledge about different softwares and fonts are necessary to handle all these types of problems. Special skill and softwares are required to handle Unicode Bengali fonts.

During my long translating career, I have solved these problems one by one. I have prepared my own set of softwares to handle all these problems and now I am capable of using all of the Bengali font families including Unicode.

Educational Qualification
Higher education widens the horizon of a translator and helps to produce a high-quality translation.

I obtained my Doctorate degree from Kumamoto University, Japan.
I completed Master of Arts from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.
I obtained Master of Science from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


If you are looking for the cheapest rate, you can easily find the cheapest translator. If you are looking for the best quality (or at least an acceptable quality), you have to pay the industry standard rate. No professional translator would offer a below standard rate. You know, it takes a long time to become a Qualified Professional Translator!

I charge industry-average rates, not high, not low.



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